Bon Voyages!

We at Funtails love to hear stories, especially from you! It would be more than selfish to keep these tales of heroic privateering or glorious landings in Bluewater Bay to us. The other day we heard about a crew who put their boots on the deck of the Instabil for the first time at BerlinCon. At that time, these sailors were still unproven and had no clue what to expect on the rough seas! For any devout sailor, it’s a shock to suspect a pirate in one’s crew for the first time! Not to mention the cult reaching for you and your loyalty with cold tentacle fingers.

The joys of secret tactics among pirates and the religious unity of the cult are feelings unknown on the mainland. Once you’ve had a taste of sea air, it’s hard to resist the call of the Instabil for any length of time. I mean it – I can’t do it either. My friends have already taken me for quite a few laps around the neoprene play mat. So I am confident that I’m not alone in my insatiable lust for mutiny and the incomparable sense of community among sailors, pirates, and cult members.



It all started with pins

The crew you see here in the pictures is not on a regular mission. In the run-up to a birthday party trip, the treasurer was instructed to ask us for pins for sailors, pirates, and the cult. At BerlinCon, we had distributed these buttons to new seafarers after their first journey so that they could immediately recognize each other in the crowd of landlubbers. These buttons are not normally for sale, but in an unbureaucratic way Henrik and Hans made an exception and sent these requested treasures on their way towards the birthday party. As a thank-you, photos of the epic birthday journeys came back to us immediately. Many thanks for that!


We are thrilled with the intense preparation that went into this event. The Instabil has obviously been completely refurbished to meet the high comfort standards of this crew. You can also see from the badges for the navigation team that only the most noble captains were in charge. Compared to these job badges, my bachelor’s certificate is a boring piece of paper!

A quote from the message

After the birthday cruise, we received the following message in a bottle from a destination port (hopefully the right one!):

“In total, the Instabil counted 15 different seafarers. By the way, our youngest sailor was 12 years old (therefore his face was made unrecognizable) and sailed with the Instabil a whole four times. There was mutiny, accusations, mistrust, laughter, and amazement. The game even gave rise to a new nickname: ‘Kenter-Kai’. The pins were then distributed to everyone and worn proudly. This led to many nice conversations (‘Well, already mutinied today, pirate?’). Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for everything. It was perfect.”

We send our best regards to the seafarer Kenter-Kai and hope that we will be able to put his seaworthiness to the test once again at “SPIEL” in Essen (Hall 5, G104). Many more stories will certainly be written there on the high seas. We are looking forward to any crew joining us. There are four tables available just for “Feed the Kraken” – so we make sure that many more pictures and  stories of epic voyages will reach us. Oh, and did I mention that the formerly sold out Deluxe Edition will be available again in Essen?


Write your own story!

Personally, mutiny is more in the area of my strengths than small talk. Put small wooden guns in my hands and I develop unimagined conversational skills! By the way, this also works great at family reunions, I’ve been told. Who hasn’t wanted to mutiny against their grandma? Pirate stories and sailor’s yarns continue to connect long after you’ve already arrived in port or in the maw of the Kraken.

If you’re turning your birthday into a high-seas adventure with epic surprises and twists (like this crew), or if you move your Saturday gaming session or upcoming family reunion onto the Instabil, feel free to share your experiences with us and other seafarers on Facebook, Instagram, or by emailing! We look forward to hearing from you, “sailor”!