CARAL is the new Klaus-Jürgen Wrede (Carcassonne) game, produced by Funtails. Experience the ancient city of Caral, the oldest known settlement on the South American continent. Follow us to 2.500 BC and get to know and love the Carali people (of fiction of course).

The city of Caral is located in Peru. Its ruins were discovered and excavated in the year 2000. It is the oldest known urban settlement in the Americas. Countless temples and sacred sites are located in a fertile valley that extends towards the sea. During the game we find ourselves over 4500 years in the past and build the pyramids of Caral together.

Caral Review
CentralPyramid Pieces
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Age: 12+

Number of Players: 2-4

Duration: 60-90 Min

Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Dr. Hans Joachim Höh
(My Gold Mine, Feed the Kraken)

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What makes Caral so exciting?

CARAL offers resource management and strategic building decisions with a unique pacing, exciting card management under rising pressure, player controlled alternations between speedy and slow rounds and many different ways to achieve victory:

  • Will you quickly build impressive pyramids to place priests for a steady stream of fame?
  • Or will you rather save cards for the increasingly rewarding annual ceremonies instead?
  • Will you try to receive the yearly bonus fame or step back to gain control of the influential architect, thereby dictating the pace of the next round?
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Discover the beauty of Caral and its strategic depth

  • Enjoy quick player turns, with virtually no down-time
  • Start playing quickly due to the easy-to-learn rules and modular approach
  • High replayability: The hard-to-master gameplay and customization keep the game fresh for many plays
  • Savor the excellent quality of the components and
  • Customize your game of CARAL by freely mixing the included modules for many exciting combinations—creating the perfect fit for all your gaming groups

The Modules

CARAL is a tactical, highly customizable board game with 6 freely combinable modules allowing 64 variations of the game.

Are you looking for a very accessible game to play with your family during holiday season? Then you can play the bare bones version, which does not have as much strategic depth, but gets everyone involved quickly in this easy-to-learn game!

Once you have them hooked, add one of the modules for the next round and succeed in your devious plan to slowly turn your family into expert gamers.

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annual tiles

Annual Tiles

By adding this module, an important decision is added to each year – shall I go for the bonus fame points or rather take control over the architect for the coming year?
Whatever you choose, don’t end up in the middle profiting from neither. Add this to drastically deepen your tactical and strategic decisions in each year!

whim of the gods

Whim of the Gods

If a layer of a joint effort with your fellow players—and the possibility to deceive them—fills you with joy, then the Whim of the Gods cards are for you.
A joint task and the threat of a penalty for the players who didn’t contribute enough is a great way to pull ahead one way or the other, right?

startus cards

Status Cards

You enjoy juggling many tasks all at once? Then a variety of additional goals that can only be fulfilled once per game add this spice to your experience.
Pay close attention to the actions of the other players, so you know when they are preparing to claim one of those status cards. You might still beat them to it!

Progress Tiles

Progress Tiles

If you enjoy games that surprise you and force you to adjust your plans, then progress tiles are for you and your group.
By modifying three action squares on the board, all players have to adjust to more efficient options becoming available over time. Each combination of progress tiles will add a unique feeling to your game.



To add more direct interaction and make the competition more fierce, use the Anaconda module.
That way you can strategically block the action squares your opponents were aiming to use this year—or at least make them pay for doing so.

emissary board

Emissary Board

If you enjoy a game with even more applications for your Carali and Alpacas, then the Emissary Board is for you. It opens up the race for becoming the best diplomat and adds more strategic considerations to the highly tactical gameplay.
Each emissary level offers short term rewards, but more importantly also activates ongoing abilities, which help you in your other endeavors. An extra challenge for experienced players!

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