Feed the Kraken Deluxe Edition (English + German)

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Feed the Kraken Deluxe Edition—direct from Funtails—is sailors’ favorite social deduction board game with hidden roles and three asymmetrical factions. All players are on the same boat, but want to navigate in different directions!

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Feed The Kraken Deluxe Edition

The loyal sailors want to bring the ship safely to the mainland, while the pirates long to secretly capture the ship and manoeuvre it to their secret hideout. Meanwhile, a mad cultist is doing everything he can to convince parts of the crew to summon his dark lord – the Kraken – from the depths of the sea to “save” them all. Thanks to fascinating gameplay and stunning components, Feed the Kraken is bound to become your new favorite social deduction game! The Deluxe Edition contains both English and German rulebooks and components. It contains all the material of the Feed the Kraken Basic Edition plus all of the following: 3 beautiful Kraken miniatures 2 Three-dimensional navigator and lieutenant badges Three-dimensional Draw- and Discard Pile / Multi-purpose box system 11 High-quality faction chips 11 Sea bags Double-layered deluxe inlay

This game box contains both the English and the German rulebooks and components.

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FEED THE KRAKEN—Sailors' favorite deduction game is launched on KICKSTARTER! #feedthekraken #nevertrustapirate #kraken #monsters #socialdeduction #socialdedu...


1 review for Feed the Kraken Deluxe Edition (English + German)

  1. Matthew B

    This game is amazing! I got if for my veteran group of Secret Hit players right after I saw No Rolls Barred play it. It’s been perfect for our group who needed something new and a little more advanced after playing Secret Hit more times than we could count. I introduced it to them as “Secret Hit +1,” sense it’s basically Secret Hit, but every mechanic just has one thing added onto it. If you have a veteran social deduction group like us, this is definitely the game for you. The only rule we’ve changed is that the person who gets their tongue cut off in the long game can still be the captain. And, the only warning I would give is that if this is your groups first social deduction game, it’s a little advanced. Like if Mafia/Werewolf if tier 1 social deduction, with Secret Hit being tier 2, then this is defiantly tier 3. So be sure to warm your group up with Secret Hit before hopping into this if you’re not an experienced group. (PS. Buy the deluxe version, it’s 100% worth the extra money and you won’t regret it.)

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