Terrifyingly Cute Feed the Kraken Plush Toy

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The Feed the Kraken plush Makes a “Kraken” gift to terrify your foes or loved ones with its cute, cuddly demeanor!

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Feed the Kraken Plush Kraken

This Feed the Kraken plush allows you to crush the Instable in style!
In its spare time, it also likes to sit on pirate hats, heads, or shoulders.

Care instructions:

  • This Kraken does not require feeding, but it is hungry for love!
  • Like most eight-legged swimmers, a wash now and again is not a problem for our hungry friend.
    Do take care to wash gently with warm water and mild soap.
    After you have completed the luxurious mild soap spa experience that a Kraken deserves,
    let it dry calmly, DO NOT tumble dry!



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