Caral Boardgame Miniature Architect

Today you’ll learn more about the clever tactical tricks our upcoming Kickstarter CARAL offers you. We start with the architect, because his role is of special importance:

The architect turns CARAL into a fast-paced game. He persistently advances along the common spiral path. As the number of pyramids started and completed increases, he puts more and more pressure on his master builders. After all, there is a lot to do! The architect does not look back once he has advanced on the spiral path. He leaves everything else behind. A race to catch up begins! Action squares behind him have no more validity and only what lies before him is appreciated.

But beware: one of you is always favored by the architect. Every year, someone else can influence the architect’s movement speed to their own advantage. Do you set the pace or leave that privilege to another master builder?


CARAL will launch on Kickstarter on October 19th!
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