Our alpacas are ready for the big journey. Are you too?
CARAL will launch on Kickstarter on October 19th!

In our upcoming blog posts, you will not only learn about the strategic depth and tactical tricks that CARAL offers. We will also provide interesting insights into the creation of the game. If you want to know what inspired the successful designer Klaus-Jürgen Wrede to create CARAL, why he came to Funtails with his game or who created our beautiful miniatures, we’ll keep you up to date with everything you might want to know on our blog. Feel free to take a look at our Kickstarter preview page and get notified with one click to make sure you won’t miss the launch of our Kickstarter.

But for now, we’re eager to tell you more about our game and present you our awesome CARAL Box!


Caral Logo

What is Caral about?

Author: Klaus-Jürgen Wrede | 2-4 players | 70-100min | age 12+

We are more than 4500 years in the past and experience the ancient Caral in fresh bloom. Together we build glorious pyramids in a rhythmic cycle of years. To do this, we follow a spiral path that is constantly changing. What begins simple becomes increasingly tricky. For only one of us can become the greatest builder of Caral!

With sacrifices we pay homage to the gods year after year, while we also court the architect’s favor and are eager to progress along the spiral path. Because the architect has eyes only for what is in front of him, he will ignore those who are too slow.

CARAL will surprise you with a fresh feeling. Klaus-Jürgen Wrede has developed a fast-paced and clever game in which we challenge each other in a competitive and exciting race.

With different modules you can change the complexity of the game (similar to the Glen More II Chronicle style you already know). This way, a family game may easily turn into a CARAL for experts. Create your own personal gaming experience!


The Caral Box and a glimpse behind the scenes

Our illustrator Hendrik Noack really puts his heart into CARAL: “Caral is the first game I’ve worked on since I became a full-time employee at Funtails. Since I was given almost all creative freedom, CARAL is especially close to my heart.” (Hendrik) – As you can see, the cover for CARAL turned out great!

Caral Box Art


The cover should reflect the atmosphere of the game. It’s important to us that the fun factor and the competition are equally emphasized. In addition, there is the unique spiral path and the associated racing aspect, which make CARAL so special for us – and of course the pyramids, which are a strong feature of the game. Hendrik has implemented these wishes step by step in a thematically effective way.


Caral Box Draft Hendrik Noack


CARAL is not simply a connoisseur’s game. If you leave out the modules and play the base version, you will have a family friendly game as well. “Everyone likes Saturday morning cartoons, after all. So for me it was obvious to use this style in a family friendly game.” (Hendrik)

We think it’s great to be able to cover many different preferences with just one game: Whether you enjoy CARAL in the family version or play with different modules on expert level – Hendrik has mastered the challenge to combine both in one cover illustration.


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