Dear friends of Funtails,

Every journey needs a fantastic background, a world in which the adventure takes place. A world in which the stories come to life.

When we talked about the presentation of Feed the Kraken, we knew we wanted the haptic experience of a very real ship. So the 3D model of the ship was a given.

FtK Box Deluxe Ship CloseUp white

Map of the World

We also knew that there had to be a perfect backdrop. A map full of islands and ports, but also featuring the vastness of the sea that the loyal sailors need to cross to reach Bluewater Bay, where the King awaits the return of the Instabil. Also, a hideout for the pirates to steer the ship to was needed: Welcome to Crimson Cove, the hideout of these scoundrels!

MapScene Camera Table Overview

The gameplay comes first, in whatever we do. But once the gameplay is perfect, beautiful material allows us to multiply the joy and depth of experiencing the game. In the Deluxe Version of Feed the Kraken, tentacles reach out of the map in the form of beautifully sculpted Kraken arms and and its massive head. But that’s a story for another blog post, where you’ll learn about the third party on board the Instabil, the Cult Leader – and his Lord, the ancient Kraken.

Why don’t you join the Crew? Get your Journey Started. The Question Remains Will You Feed The Kraken?

Best wishes from the entire Funtails Crew!