We are often asked which animals the tails in our logo belong to. We took this as an opportunity to take a closer look at our publishing logo.

Although the shrubbery leaves a lot of room for speculation, and some of us let our imaginations run wild (who wouldn’t want a fluffy whale?), there are clear clues as to what the tails could be.

Unbenannt 3

Which tail belongs to which animal?

Although a fluffy whale is a cute idea, the animal associated with the tail in our logo is probably a lion. To the right of the lion’s tail is the tail of a creature from the genus Octopus, although it is difficult to say whether this is an octopus, cuttlefish or some other representative. In the middle is the tail of a whale. The peculiar blue colour suggests that it is a blue whale. The tail on the right suggests a cat. Although a tiger could not be ruled out, the thicker end of the tail suggests a cat. The last tail on the far right can be interpreted in two ways. Either it is a dinosaur (e.g. a stegosaurus) or a dragon. The fun has to come from somewhere and dragons always mean fun.

The origin of Funtails

Perhaps the more interesting question is how the name Funtails came about, and why it is animal tails that adorn our logo. There are two parts to the answer. First the boring part: Internationally, it is relatively difficult to trademark a term that is in the dictionary. That is why artificial names work well as company names. This is where the second part of the answer comes in:

The original idea of founding the company was to tell exciting stories, but also to let people be part of those stories. The quintessence of any game is to move people and not just be a pastime. Such a goal can be achieved through innovation, good balance and an exciting story. Funtails is based on this very idea of a story. It’s not just about telling stories in German-speaking countries, it’s about making them accessible to as many people as possible. And that’s where the term “Tales” comes from. But a game is more than the story it tells. A game connects the most diverse people, brings them together around a table, and does so with the help of games of various kinds. That’s why “Funtales” would be too short-sighted, and why our boxes are now called “Funtails”.

We will probably never know what game is being played behind the bush on our logo. If you take the association of our logo further, each person playing has their own little bush. And in the end, each person decides for themselves which game and which animals to take into their own bush. Without any sexual connotations. After all, it’s a safe place to let off steam, away from the prying eyes of others. But at Funtails, we always strive to give you experiences that are worthy of a place in your bush.

And it doesn’t matter what shape or size your bush is. We also try to stay flexible. After all, who really knows what’s in the bush.


This text was written by our intern Laurin Schürer.