Today is Sunday and SPIEL’21 is over. Impressive and beautiful days are now behind us and we met wonderful people. We explained games, sold games and mingled with the crowd as visitors to discover new games.

We introduced Quiz Club to you at our booth and saw many of you playing it. Thank you! The fact that you like Quiz Club so much and that we could be part of your enthusiasm was one of the best results of the fair.


Quiz Club SPIEL21 Messe Essen


We were eager to hear your thoughts on our next Kickstarter CARAL by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, which will be launched on Tuesday, October 19!

So visitor Friederike tried CARAL for the first time on Friday: “CARAL is a very nice game. It has an excellent balance of tactical possibilities and clear as well as intuitive rules. The artwork is very well done!”. Daniel also played CARAL on Friday: “From family games to connoisseur games, the range of people you can play CARAL with is very wide.” From his point of view our game “really took off towards the end!”.


IMG 20211016 183955


Also on Saturday your impressions were very positive. “CARAL is really thematic! The miniatures are very lovingly designed,” Nicole told us. Fellow player Chris adds, “CARAL is easily accessible, yet can be varied as you like with the modules. This makes it both a family game and a connoisseur’s game in one”. Thank you for the interesting exchange! For a game is only as good as the enthusiasm it triggers in you!

We are very happy about the nice feedback from Olivier on Sunday, because he describes CARAL as his highlight: “CARAL is for me the best game of the whole fair so far!”


Caral SPIEL21 Messe Essen Prototyp


Together we are now looking forward to the launch of our Kickstarter campaign!

Click here to visit our CARAL Kickstarter preview page.

After the SPIEL is before the SPIEL.
See you next year!

Your Funtails Team