In our last blog posts you can find some of our beautiful 3D components for CARAL. We introduced you to the architect and showed you the pyramids that you build as a master builder. Today we’ll give you a different kind of insight. We’ll tell you who made our 3D models and what was important during the modeling process.


3D Artist Leonardo Peñaranda

Leonardo Peñaranda, 3D Artist


Leo has already convinced us with his excellent work before: He built the beautiful miniature of the ship for our social deduction game Feed the Kraken. That’s why we brought him on board again for CARAL.

Feed the Kraken Ship Miniature


How did our CARAL miniatures come to live?

First, the desired scale of the models must be defined and the possible level of detail determined. “This avoids spending time modeling details that would not get noticed at the end.” (Leo)

Leo’s approach made for an efficient and straightforward process. “It’s important to keep the 3D files as flexible as possible to allow for changes to be made at every stage of the design process.” (Leo)


Progress 3D Modelling Prototyping


The development of the 3D models is accompanied by several test runs: “Prototyping was a key step in our process to be able to test mechanisms, sizes and the overall look of the minis.” (Leo)

We have jointly undertaken this process in close communication with Leo. This helped us perfect the look and functionality of the models. For example, the convexities on the pyramid sides are meant to indicate which floor a level is for. That way, as a master builder, you can quickly tell which element you’re holding. It was also important to us that the levels of the pyramids could be comfortably plugged together.


Player Pyramids 3D Modeling Kickstarter Caral Prototyping


The central pyramid has also changed in the course of the process. The previously large floor area has been significantly reduced. Thus, it takes up less area on the board.

The small condor forms the crowning glory on top of the central pyramid. “You should always exaggerate the details for the final model so that they come out of the mold more easily later, while remaining visually recognizable.” (Leo) This approach is not only important for the condor, but affects all structures and features of the 3D models.


collage 02


THANK YOU for the great collaboration and wonderful results, Leo!


CARAL will launch on Kickstarter on October 19th!

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We are also at SPIEL in Essen. The preparations are in full swing!
Visit us at booth 1B103. We will have CARAL with us!