Caral 3D Pyramids Kickstarter

Today we continue our gameplay series, explaining the clever tactical tricks that our upcoming Kickstarter CARAL by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede offers you.

In our last gameplay blog post, we told you that the cute alpacas increase your movement range. You learned that you can even walk backwards on the spiral path. It’s risky, but your courage has truly paid off this time!

Highly motivated, you decide to start your next building project. You have already reserved a building site. But what should the new pyramid look like?

A small pyramid is finished faster, because it requires less time and building materials for its completion. A large pyramid will bring even more fame. You may be able to attract a priest to your pyramid when it is finished. The reward for the greater pyramid would be a blessing!

You have to decide: Do you prefer to start a safe building project with the small pyramid or will you manage to complete the large pyramid in time?


CARAL will launch on Kickstarter on October 19th!
Click here to visit our Kickstarter preview page.

We are also at SPIEL in Essen! Visit us at booth 1B103. We will have CARAL with us!