Caral Alpacas Figures Racing

Today we’ll tell you more about the clever tactical tricks our upcoming Kickstarter CARAL by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede offers you.

In our first gameplay blog post, you learned about the important role of the architect. We told you that action squares behind the architect can no longer be activated. Therefore, as a master builder, you do everything you can to stay ahead of him on the spiral path!

Your alpacas help you with this. They define the number of steps you can take on the spiral path. When you visit the animal market, you can deploy more alpacas in front of your sled. This way you increase your range of motion. With your newly gained flexibility, you can extend your lead to the architect and gather valuable resources for your next construction project.

Wait a minute! You spot a great opportunity that will significantly advance your game. For this, however, you have to change the direction.

Will you step backwards for a worthwile reward, even at the risk of falling behind?


CARAL will launch on Kickstarter on October 19th!
Click here to visit our Kickstarter preview page.

We are also at SPIEL in Essen! Visit us at booth 1B103. We will have CARAL with us!