Dear friends of Feed the Kraken,

The king is counting on you. You have your eyes firmly fixed on the destination port Bluewater Bay. And you have sworn to protect the King’s ship with your life against the threats that this delicate crossing poses! Several times, someone has already tried to lead you off course with fake navigation charts. But you are in the majority. If you only knew who is on which side…

Maps Sailors

The goal of loyal sailors: Bluewater Bay.


There are rumors spreading. Rumors about pirates on board, hidden among you loyal sailors! …And then there is this shadow following you, deep in the sea. A gigantic creature, ancient and deadly and, it is rumored, summoned by a mad cultist aboard your ship!

What is this noise on board? It sounds like saber rattling! Should the indications of a mutiny come true?

The group of sailors in Feed the Kraken starts the game without any idea who belongs to which faction, while the pirates know each other. Everyone – including the insidious cult leader – is pretending to be an ordinary sailor though.


FtK SquareCards NavCards

The choice of navigation cards is an important part of the game. Because once selected, the cards remain on display and are no longer available for the rest of the game!


By playing navigation cards, the Navigator decides in which direction the Instabil is heading. He gets the two navigation cards available to him from the Lieutenant and the Captain – each of these players has two cards to choose from, one of which is placed face-down in the Captain’s logbook. The Navigator can only choose from these two cards.

The crux of the matter is that there are relatively few blue navigation cards. And each card, once played, remains in front of the Captain under whose command it was played. This means that by using lots of blue navigation cards early, you are decreasing your chances of having enough suitable options in the future. Because when the discard pile of navigation cards is reshuffled, the already played cards will be missing. Therefore even a loyal Sailor can sometimes sail towards the Pirate’s hideout. This does not make it easier to find the traitors among you.


FtK Captain

A loyal sailor. Really!

Are you a loyal or a hard-working sailor? Stay alert! But don’t be put off: Come aboard the Instabil!
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