Dear friends of Feed the Kraken,

maybe you have already noticed. No matter how long you’ve known someone, how long you’ve shared an office with someone: the people around you can surprise you. The granny next door plays Fortnite. You meet the priest at the boxing club. Or to put it bluntly: Your children have tidied up the kitchen and turned off the lights!

Also at Feed the Kraken every player has a surprise up his sleeve!

At the beginning of the game, each player receives a face-down Character Card, which is revealed at one point during the game and activated immediately. While the effect of each card is subtle, when used in the right situation it can make a huge difference.

Character Cards

Just as the pirates may feel confident of victory, the herbalist can appoint a player who can neither become Navigator nor Lieutenant in this round. This is especially helpful when the number of pistols needed for a mutiny is too small. However, the herbalist must use her ability before the Captain has named his desired crew. Good timing is required. But with it even the best plans can be thwarted!

The beautiful illustrations were created by our house and yard illustrator Hendrik Noack ( We liked them so much that we even used them for advertising!

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Tobias Immich, Maikel Cheney, Dr. Hans Joachim Höh

The character cards not only give each player a personal identification, but also a very special ability. And with lots of character cards in the game, it is always uncertain which characters are on board at any given moment. This creates suspense and uncertainty until the last round!

Come aboard and discover your favorite character: Visit our Kickstarter page and be the first to know when the campaign is live!

Greetings from the Funtails Crew!