Dear friends of Funtails,

We want to invite you on board the Instabil. This will be no easy journey, but you will be able to tell fantastic stories afterwards. Unless you are sacrificed to the Ancient Kraken God, unless you are the Cult Leader, who wants JUST THAT. But maybe you are just one of the ruthless pirates who act in hiding from the loyal sailors. But I am getting carried away, mates!

I just wanted to tell you: Feed the Kraken is coming to Kickstarter on October 28th!!!

Feed the Kraken is a hidden-role social deduction game for 5-11 players and plays in 45-90 minutes

Beautifully crafted and illustrated materials bring to life the tragic splendor of the journey on a hand-painted map. Feed the Kraken is designed as a luxurious big box board game because the intense experience of your voyage deserves to be embodied in the most spectacular way.

banner big box

Feed the Kraken will be available as a Basic Edition and as a massive Deluxe Edition. We will reveal more details about the gameplay, the content of the boxes and the three factions right here in the coming days.

Why don’t you join the Crew? Just visit the Kickstarter page and we’ll inform you when the journey starts!

Best wishes from the entire

Funtails Crew!