We were thrilled when we got positive feedback from Rüdiger Dorn, after we asked him if he would like to design a Chronicle for the Highland Games expansion. Rüdiger has designed so many of our favorite games, that it is hard to believe one man can make so many great games (more than 40 so far!)

When we found out, that he is one of the Kickstarter backers of Glen More II as well, we thought it can’t hurt to ask. And he delivered, as usual, a unique and fun experience. In cooperation with our chief editor Hans, the Feasts & Follies Chronicle was turned into a tightly integrated, gripping experience.

Everyone loves a party. Invite many guests, provide the best drinks, prepare an opulent meal – but beware: When sending out the invitations, someone else might have been quicker with their plans for a feast and the visitors won’t show up at your fiesta.

Each round, five Feasts can be planned, if you manage to get the needed resources. During the scoring round, however, players need to secretly decide simultaneously on the order of the feasts they are trying to hold. Anticipate their order, based on the gathered resources and, most importantly, on the attractiveness of each Feast for their end-of-round scoring.

Components 3

The rewards are one-time bonuses for the scoring categories: Famous persons visiting the Feast, the reputation of your Whisky, the best location for the Fiesta and the number of visitors. For this, the scoring table of Glen More II was extended to offer a 6+ difference scoring and increased points!

Needless to say, this Chronicles brings a breath of fresh air to even your most played Chronicles, when combining them! 🙂