Don’t you just love Overbuild Tiles? Well, we at Funtails do, too!

That’s why our internal design team, Funtails Development, focused their Chronicle by the name of “Plan & Prosper” on this unique feature of Glen More II. However, we were not aiming for just more tiles.

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Our chief developer, Dr. Hans Joachim Höh, tweaked this Chronicle to accomplish his vision of providing more strategic depth and something to think about between turns for players who are already quite familiar with the game. He created a combination of long-term planning and puzzling by making the structure of your territory matter. On top of giving you exciting monument tiles, this chronicle creates a whole new tension in regards to which tiles you want, and where you want to place them.

Components 1

Instead of just taking a tile and building it, with the new overbuild tiles you make a plan to build a great structure first, by taking the tile and collecting resources on it, one per turn. When you have collected enough resources, you may build the tile.

If you manage to place the right adjacent tiles first, you can get attractive bonus rewards for neighboring tiles. However, if you haven’t built these monuments by the end of the game, they cost you 3 VP.

Three tiles look quite different on the rondel now, and these are the icing on the cake: Three new double sized tiles represent epic buildings and provide a feeling of accomplishment and joy when the first activation happens!

Funtails Development has designed a number of Chronicles in the base game, e.g. The Highland Boat Race, Ol’ Jamey’s Single Cask Reserve and The Dubious Tome Of Scottish History.

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