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The Chronicles are the core of the game. That’s why they became the name-giving element of Glen More II: Chronicles.

Each Chronicle expands the base game of Glen More II: Chronicles with a new game mechanic and additional game material. In addition, all Chronicles can be combined with each other. Today we present to you a new chapter in the game – the Chronicle “Between a rock and a hard place” …

When you start traveling the Highlands to meet other Clans, you will learn what really impresses them. And you will make your voice heard which great achievements should bring additional fame at the end of the game. The other players might disagree, so a fair vote is called. Will you manage to get your proposal through the vote in the Clan Assembly? Will it be “Aye” or “Nay” for your proposal?

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At the clan meetings it is determined which fame is awarded for which outstanding achievement at the end of the game. But while the clans are already competing, the vote is still in full swing.

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(Prototype Graphics!
Not final!)

Of the five special rankings that can be awarded at the end of the game, not all are waved through by the clan leaders’ assembly. The Scots are a positive people and every player has more Yay! than Nay! Voices, so that tactics and tact are required for the simultaneous and secret votes.

There are only some rankings that you want scored at the end of the game, and of course only those that you can best fulfill yourself.

Aye! or Nay!?