3 days to Kickstarter Launch!
Crime has taken over the Highlands!

We are especially happy to announce today one of our favorite authors as a guest designer! We have been looking forward to this for many weeks 🙂

Arve D. Fühler

His games (including Pagoda, El Gaucho, TA-KE and Festo!) are permanent guests on our gaming tables. Plus: Arve will release his next game together with us! And he has designed a great Chronicle for you – “The Penny Mobs”

Arve D Fühler 1
Arve D. Fühler brings the
Penny Mobs into Glen More II: Chronicles

He refers to the history of the Scottish gangs. “I’ve played Glen More for years, but it’s a little-known fact that this Chronicle escaped my Mafia prototype Capone City and hid in the Highlands.”

The History of the Penny Mobs

Penny Mobs were early street gangs active in Glasgow, Scotland, in the early 1870s. When the court system offered high fines as an alternative to imprisonment, gang members were often freed from the gang (“a penny each”) after a collection and given their name.

The Penny Mobs in the game

At the beginning of the game, four penny mobsters (gangsters) are placed in the prison, others are added from the tile stacks during the game. These gangsters bring strong abilities to the player who liberates them. Do you want to send the gangster to the enemy territory to participate in the enemy activation of a tile? Or intimidate clans on the clanboard to save on travel costs? Earn dirty money when the market is used?

PennyMobster BG 01 2
A Penny Mobster (prototype graphics!)

Then you’ll just have to take a penny mobster on your turn. Just like that? Of course not…

Your reputation might suffer

If you take Penny Mobsters into your clan, they will bring hefty victory point penalties at the end of the game, which are depicted on the Penny Mobsters. There can easily be 8 or more penalty points, depending on the strength of the mobster. Nobody wants to afford that early in the game. And here the pennies come into play.

Getting rid of the pennies

At the beginning of the game, each player receives 10 pennies (symbolizing his relationship to the Penny Mobs). These two-sided coins have a penalty point on one side and a victory point on the other. And at the start of the game, these pennies are on the penalty side – each player starts with -10 victory points.

Kosten 1VP penny 1
Front and back of the pennies (prototype graphics!)

At the beginning of each turn, pennies are collected for the penny mobsters in prison and the player may give one penny (red side) and place it as a victory point (green side) on one of the penny mobsters in prison. This lets the player a) get rid of a penalty point and b) the Penny Mobsters become cheaper the more Pennies land on them with the Victory Point side facing up. Effectively a crook only costs his penalty points on the tile minus the victory points that are already placed on him.

So at some point every criminal becomes interesting 🙂

Late in Scotland, late in the game

The Penny Mobster is the latest theme in Glen More II: Chronicles and therefore belongs in the D pile, where historical personalities such as James Watt and Arthur Conan Doyle reside.

Also in the development process the Penny Mobs were the last Chronicle, because for every other Chronicle suitable Penny Mobsters had to be created – and all other Chronicles had to be final.

We are positive you will love the Penny Mobs – unless they work for your fellow players.

Do you have a penny left? Then keep it for three more days and get us out of here 🙂