8 days left until the Kickstarter Launch! That’s the hammer!

Today we introduce another Chronicle, one of the eight expansions that come with Glen More II: Chronicles. The second Chronicle we show to you is called “Hammer of the Scots”.

220px Edward I Westminster Abbey 3

It deals with Edward I, also known as Edward Longshanks or “The Hammer of the Scots”. After he had appointed the successor of the Scottish crown as a neutral advisor, he declared the English king to be more powerful, since he had crowned the Scottish king. When Scotland refused to acknowledge this, English troops marched in and the Scottish Wars of Independence began.

You can find this part of the story in our Chronicle, The Hammer of the Scots. This Chronicle is about using the power of the king for your own purposes.

HSD GeneralWadesMilitaryRoads 1
Sight: “General Wade’s Military Roads” (Prototype graphics!)

The new game material includes an Englishman Meeple, a new Market row, an Englishman Token (showing who controls the Englishman) and four new landmarks – Loch Lomond, Glenfinnan Church, Glenfinnan Monument and General Wade’s Military Roads. They all have one thing in common: they grant power over the English to the player who takes them. At least until another player claims this influence.

At the beginning of the game, the Englishman is placed on the rondel like a normal player. The extra market bar starts with 1 Coin on it. If the first player has now acquired power over the Englishman (by moving over him and taking the Englishman Token), then the player de facto has a second character and moves – like any other player – in turn order, in addition to the player’s own meeple. But of course this power costs something!

HS0 EnglandMarktOverlay 4
Market Bar of the Englishman

HSA LochLomond 4
Tile: “Loch Lomond”

If it’s the Englishman’s turn, the player must decide if he wants to use the Englishman. If no, he can take the highest amount of gold on the Englishman’s market bar and the Englishman simply removes any tile from the game at the player’s choice. If the player decides to pay the Englishman, he must pay on the market bar according to the rules of the market, i.e. the first free field must be filled with gold. The player can then make an additional move!

The other players would do well to try to find the sights that give them control over the Englishman. This creates a battle for power and a great challenge to get your hands on the good and right resources, castles and distilleries.

Although the Chronicle only adds ten minutes of gameplay, it is one of the more tactical expansions and is therefore more recommended for experienced players.