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The brush behind the willows.

14Tiles preview 1
The (actually not even final) artworks of Hendrik Noack

Today we introduce you to our great illustrator Hendrik Noack! With the help of lots of grass green and a little haggis brown, he creates wonderful Scottish landscapes and picturesque landmarks on the cards and tiles of Glen More II: Chronicles!

It is a pleasure to see how a coherent landscape is created when the tiles are laid out. So you can let yourself be carried away into the Scottish countryside during the game. And here you can follow Hendrik’s work and his digital brushstrokes with this Iona Abbey speedpainting.

sketches preview4 1

If you want to know more about Hendrik, please visit his website. The man is soooo versatile!

Hendrik 1
Hendrik Noack implements all in-game graphics (www.noackart.de)

And for all those who want to feel even more of the Scottish spirit, we have prepared a wallpaper so that you can always dream of Highland meadows, idyllic Glens and imposing castles!

Last, not least: If you’ve been following us for some time, you already know the name Jason Coates, who painted the beautiful cover of Glen More II: Chronicles. This article about the art of Glen More II: Chronicles would not be complete without a thank you to Jason! Thank you!