At the moment we have to do a lot of handicrafts to get some prototypes ready!
The graphics are still placeholders, but of course that doesn’t stop us from playing.

First of all:
Sort and order files on Illustrator (or something like that).
Create front and back pages.
Correct distances? Correct print settings?
And off to the printer!

Just don’t print the wrong side…
Then: Let the adhesive films dry and weigh them down so that they do not roll.

Stick the adhesive foil onto cardboard or thick paper and weigh it down again until the adhesive is dry.
Meanwhile, prepare the underlay, cutting machine and scissors.
And then it starts:

Cut! Cut! Cut!

Cut! Cut! Cut!

Cut, cut, cut!
And pay attention to what you cut off where, otherwise you’ll start all over again…

Pack everything nicely and add Meeple!
Then only one thing missing is…



… cleaning up!