Caral Basic Edition

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In this fast-paced game you’ll take on the role of a cunning master builder. Under the architect’s scrutinizing eye, you’ll build pyramids to earn the gods’ favor.

Maintain your herd of alpacas to use them for transportation or place workers in the quarry to get more building materials. But be careful – the architect is always on the move! If you’re not fast enough, he can hinder your progress by denying you actions. Each turn, another player acquires the right to influence the Architect’s movement speed. You also collect resource cards to outmaneuver your opponents during the sacrificial ceremony or with unexpected building progress.

Will you outsmart your opponents and become the ultimate pyramid builder?

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In CARAL, successful author Klaus-Jürgen Wrede enchants us with a versatile board game for 2-4 players. Despite all the tactical finesse, the base game is very accessible and quickly explained. Six modules already included in the box allow you to ideally adapt the complexity and depth of the game to your game groups.


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