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In this edition of the Funcast, we take a deep dive into the world of “Dark Romance”. Swantje welcomes Hendrik, our illustrator, who was largely responsible for making “Dark Romance” an impressive and immersive visual experience!

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The creative workplace

Hendrik takes us on a short journey into his day-to-day work. As with most artists, Hendrik’s process begins with sketches. These were also the first steps on the way to designing “Dark Romance”. The design of the game is intended to take you into a dark, alternative Victorian world full of love, betrayal and vampires. Easier said than done! A lot happens before a game is finished, from the first drafts to the fine-tuning of the final details.

From sketches to romance

The design of “Dark Romance” comes to life through the depiction of moods and atmospheres. Hendrik emphasizes the importance of finding the right balance between the dark subject matter and aesthetically pleasing design elements. Inspired by other artists and their work, the design should transport you into a world that is both beautiful and threatening.

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Character design and illustration

Character design is a core element of “Dark Romance”. Hendrik explains how he uses a variety of design elements to visually describe the characters’ personalities and stories. Each character contributes to the overarching narrative through coloring, design language and facial expressions. This thoughtful attention to detail allows players to immerse themselves in a strange world. This allows you to grasp complex backgrounds more quickly and intuitively understand the characters’ stories.

Insight into the creative process

A creative process consists not only of successes, but also of challenges. These barriers must be overcome in order to be proud of the finished product at the end. The collaboration with the editorial team and the constant refinement of his technique are evidence of constant discovery and experimentation.

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We are thrilled to be able to offer you insights into the making of “Dark Romance”. Thank you for your time. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes insights and stories, and rest assured that many more fascinating adventures await you. Thank you for your interest!