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In this podcast episode, we welcome you to a special highlight! Swantje leads us through a conversation with our editor-in-chief Hans. Together we shed light on the world of our planned Kickstarter “Dark Romance”. You’ll get an insight into the development of our next game, which is sure to take your hearts by storm after the success of Comet.

From light into darkness

Hans shares with us the story behind the development of the game “Dark Romance”. He talks about his long-standing collaboration with Christof Schilling, a close friend and fellow gamer from days gone by. Their shared enthusiasm for games eventually led to the birth of “Dark Romance”, a social deduction game set in a dark and romantic world.

A ride through the night

“Dark Romance” is aimed at an adult audience and offers an exciting mix of strategy and storytelling full of romance and dark motivations that players experience with every game. Players enter a setting inspired by the Victorian era (with vampires!). Not everything is as it seems. Marriage swindlers and demon hunters mingle with the noble ladies and lords, each with their own, sometimes dark intentions.

A game for two

It should be emphasized that “Dark Romance” is primarily designed for two players – a real enrichment in the social deduction genre! It offers quick and captivating rounds of play. The duration of a game is short, so the playing time is quite flexible. You can either play a quick single game or experience several games in a row.

Who are you in the world of “Dark Romance”?

The game invites you to take on the roles of a wide variety of characters – from mysterious vampires to cunning swindlers. Each role comes with its own goals and challenges that must be skillfully mastered. The players navigate through a web of intrigue and romantic entanglements, always with the aim of concealing their true intentions or revealing those of the other.

A glimpse into the future

We are looking forward to the upcoming Kickstarter, which will make “Dark Romance” accessible to a global audience. The team’s enthusiasm is high, and we are working hard to bring you a game that is not only visually compelling, but also captivating with its deep and innovative gameplay.

If you are interested in the Kickstarter, don’t hold back any longer and click directly on the link: Dark Romance by Funtails GmbH — Kickstarter

Thank you so much for your time! Your enthusiasm and support inspire us every day and we can’t wait to dive into the world of Dark Romance with you.