Central Pyramid Ressource Cards Caral Kickstarter Boardgame Funtails

Today we continue our gameplay series, explaining the clever tactical tricks that our upcoming Kickstarter CARAL by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede offers you.

In our last blog post about gameplay, we mentioned the central pyramid in the middle of the game board. Whoever reaches this central pyramid first, heralds the annual festivities and all master builders must come together immediately.

So now another year is coming to an end and all the players have prepared for the annual festivities. Of course, on such an occasion it is not worthwhile to show up empty-handed. Since each player has to offer a different resource, you should be well prepared!

Did you reach the pyramid first? Great! You get to choose your resource first. All other players can only hope to provide their favorite resource type before someone else does. As the central pyramid grows from year to year, sacrifices become more valuable every year.

Can you manage to offer the most resources of one kind and gain extra fame during the annual ceremony?


CARAL will launch on Kickstarter on October 19th!

Click here to visit our Kickstarter preview page.

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