Caral Board Kickstarter Prototype Gameplay

Today we want to give you another impression of the clever tactical choices that our great Kickstarter CARAL offers you.

In our last blog post about gameplay, you learned that it’s not that easy to decide whether to build a small or a large pyramid.

Year after year you travel along the spiral path, which is constantly changing due to the increasing number of pyramids. Glorious pyramids grow from the ground and slow down your movement—because players must pay one movement step at each pyramid to marvel at the great structure in full awe.

But the most impressive pyramid awaits you in the center of the spiral path. Whether architect or master builder: whoever reaches this central pyramid first, heralds the annual festivities. This ceremony ends the current year for everyone and all master builders must come together immediately. No further actions are possible before the beginning of the next year.

It’s well worth it to be the first one to reach the central pyramid, because this will give you an advantage in the upcoming annual ceremony. But don’t be too hasty: If you rush too fast, you will miss out on some worthwhile resources along the way.

Will you end the year quickly to slow down the other builders, or do you prefer to let it end well prepared?


CARAL will launch on Kickstarter on October 19th!

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