The first trip to the Scottish Highlands is about to begin. But great journeys need to be well prepared. This includes the right outfit for your meeple.

So, what could be nicer than ringing in the anticipation of a game night with a handicraft session?


Let’s do it!

When you have unpacked Glen More II: Highland Games, first sort the meeple and clan marker by color. You can arrange them roughly as shown in the photo:


Glen More II: Highland Games - How to dress your meeple.


The Meeple

For yellow and red there are exactly 2 stickers for each meeple. In the case of purple and blue, there will be a few Automa stickers left – these are not needed. You can use them as replacement stickers, should a sticker come off after a tough Automa match.

Let’s take a look at the shapes. If you look closely, you can see which sticker goes with which Scotsman: One has a form that leaves the stone open and one has a form that leaves the caber open. The stickers in the columns 1 and 3 go onto one of the meeples and those in the columns 2 and 4 onto the other.


The Clan Marker

For the clan marker, we have provided one sticker for each marker. So don’t start to stick them on both sides and then realize halfway through that you’ve run out of stickers! 😉


You’ve put all the stickers on? Excellent!

And now, have fun discovering the new Chronicles!