Our deluxe components enhance your unique playing experience and push the journey to a whole new level by providing large nautic objects, which transform your dinner table into a captain’s cabin!


The INSTABIL is the center of your journey, where all of the action takes place. Therefore it deserves a nearly 10 cm super large and highly detailed 3D miniature with a massive board presence, which makes the epic journey come alive.

But there is even more…

kraken miniatures

These beautiful miniatures have a massive board presence, increasing the perceived threat-level of your journey, making each navigation decision more intense.


Nothing beats the feeling when the Captain chooses you as the navigator by handing you the badge. Feel the weight of the badge in your hand match the weight of responsibility on your shoulders.

box system

This Multi-purpose box system allows you to safely store all navigation cards between games, while functioning as draw pile and discard pile in game. The ergonomic design developed after thousands of hours of playtesting helps you to easily draw cards from the draw pile, while preventing you from accidentally drawing from the discard pile – even in stressful moments.

bags and chips

The 11 opaque bags keep players’ high quality faction chips well-hidden at all times. They make it easy to pass your faction chip without accidental reveals in case of a cabin search.


Keep all your beautiful deluxe components in their designated place.

It looks fantastic, doesn’t it? Have a look at the kickstarter page of “Feed the Kraken” – because soon we’ll raise the anchor!

Greetings from the Funtails-Crew!