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Dear backers,

since closing down our Pledge Manager at Gamefound last Sunday quite a lot of people wrote in about missing that date. We tried to work out the missing orders manually but it was quite frankly a bit too much. Hence, we decided to give a Pledge Manager Encore.

The Pledge Manager page is open again for all backers right now and will stay open this weekend (August 3rd & 4th). We would like to have all orders by Monday since we already stretched our logistic deadlines quite a bit to accommodate all users. But we have to move on now to not endanger the established shipping timeline the lion’s share of backers are counting on, we are sorry!

So please head over to Gamefound and commit your order if you haven’t already:

  • Please visit our project page at Gamefound 
  • Log in with your account or create it by following the link in the invitation mail
  •  IMPORTANT: Add the Glen More II: Chronicle Complete Edition to your Shopping Cart
  • Go to Check-Out where you can enter your shipping address and handle payment for shipping

If you already have done that, first of all thank you, but maybe take a look if your shipping option is correct or check if you have all items you want in your order. The inlay is still only available for EU backers. A future US inlay will get a separate update once it (hopefully) materializes.

We had some cases of people just ordering coins by accident or opting for game pickup at Essen even though they are not attending the fair. There are different reasons why this might have happened and we tried to reach out to all backers whose orders seemed out of the ordinary, but surely some people will have slipped through the cracks. So if you are willing to check your order again before Monday, that would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

In any case, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email at 

Thank you all for your patience and continued support!

Best Wishes

The Funtails Team