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Attention: Many graphics are marked as prototype graphics. That means a game designer has tampered with Photoshop. All graphics will be as nice as shown here 🙂

A09 Art tile 2
A Whisky Distillery (Icons not final and the
version number will also be removed)

Whisky is important

The Chronicles are the heart of Glen More II: Chronicles. The name says it all. And whisky is the heart of Scotland, because the drink first mentioned under this name in 1736 derives its name from the Gaelic uisge beatha – and that means “water of life”. But the brew – and the distillate that follows – had already existed several centuries before. Man does not only live by games alone, but the latter is still healthy in vast quantities. It was clear to us that one of the Chronicles should deepen the whisky theme.

We dedicate this Chronicle…

The name of the Chronicles already indicates it. We dedicate this Chronicle to game designer Jamey Stegmaier, who is not only known for his great and innovative games (e.g. Scythe, Viticulture, Charterstone – we’re looking at you!), but also for his Kickstarter Blog, where he shares all his Kickstarter experiences with other Kickstarter creators. This is a real Kickstarter Wikipedia and we thank you very much for it. Thanks a lot!

We are especially pleased that Jamey Stegmaier has sent us some gameplay ideas, one of which we have selected and turned into this Chronicle. Viticulture fans will notice the little parallel…

The production of whisky

Every Scottish clan soon produced its own whisky. Water is needed to make the whisky. The distilleries usually use water from a nearby spring.

A19 Art 2
A barley field – final art.

Malt, which forms the basis for many whiskies, is obtained from barley grains. However, the place of maturation and the type of barrels are some of the most important factors for the final taste. Special bottlings, so-called single cask bottlings, are guaranteed to come from a single barrel – and this is where our Chronicle comes in.

The rules

At the start of the game, each player receives a whisky cellar with space for three whiskies to mature. Here is an early (graphically not yet revised) prototype version of the cellar:

Cellar 1st 1
Maturing the whisky in the cellar
(Prototype graphic!)

Produced whisky is now placed on the first field and can be exchanged for victory points. But of course it’s not that easy, as we will tell you in a minute 🙂

An additional cellar for longer maturation can be bought in addition:

Cellar 2nd 1
The second cellar
(Prototype graphic!)

Maturing the whisky in the game

First of all, the distilleries of the base game are replaced by the distilleries of the Chronicles – and a few new ones are added. These distilleries have different effects, but generally allow you to decide when activating them: Producing whisky or maturing whisky?

JS C08 1
Brora, a closed distillery in Scotland (prototype graphic!)

If the whisky is left to mature, it advances in the cellar and can score six, eight, ten or more victory points. If, yes if…

A little but mean trick

Well, if the selling spaces were not limited and not all players had to share those spaces, that would be easy. But it isn’t, because there are now tiles on the rondel that offer limited selling spaced (depending on the number of players). A player who moves over the tile can sell one of his whiskies (and gets the tile he moves to). Or a player moves onto the selling tile and sells two casks at once.

JS Selling 1
Limited selling spaces
(Prototype graphic!)

The Chronicle brings an exciting interaction into the game. It is quite conceivable that a player sells his cheap spirit worth 1 victory point only to take another player the opportunity to sell his valuable matured whisky. Whether this malevolence is worth it, however, moving so far ahead and forfeiting so many moves needs to be well considered. And if you should allow such a player the chance to get whisky at all should be well considered during the maturation process.

Slàinte Mhath!

Thank you all for your support!

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