5 days left until the Kickstarter Launch! The Country Needs Scottish Women!

Today is International Women’s Day.
In our first prototype of Glen More II: Chronicles almost only men were represented. At the awards ceremony of the German Developer Award (video game award), one developer complained that the equality of women in the games industry is still a long way from being achieved.

The next day we talked about it at Funtails and noticed that we don’t represent women enough in our game and decided to change that.

Our community manager (and human rights activist) Ingelis searched for famous Scottish women. This turned out to be difficult because in the past centuries women often found their way into history books only as the wives of famous men. This was also due to the lack of opportunities to break out of the roles that society had intended for women. For example, Scottish women who are worth mentioning – historians seem to think – are the ones noted for the patching up soldiers. Nevertheless, it did not seem appropriate to us to have a beheaded queen as the only woman in the game.

For the Romans already reported how impressed they were by the Scottish warrior women.

Elsie Inglis 1
Dr. Elsie Inglis

So, besides Mary Stuart, also Fionnghal nic Dhòmhnaill was added to the game,
a heroine Jakobitin and also known as Flora MacDonald. Dr. Elsie Inglis, an innovative Scottish doctor, suffragette and founder of Scottish women’s clinics joined as well.

800px Flora MacDonald 1722 1790 by Richard Wilson 2
Flora MacDonald

That’s still not a lot, of course, but it’s a start. We also thought that you might be able to help us a little!

Today we want you to tell us which of the following Scottish women should find their way into Glen More II: Chronicles in order to honor them in our own little history book:

First, we introduce to you Agnes Douglas, Countess of Argyll. She was born in 1574 and was not only known for her Beauty – which earned her the title “Pearl of Lochleven” – but came also from a politicial active Family and participated in the political discourse.

Agnes Douglas 5
Agnes Douglas,Countess of Argyll

Our next candidate has a very impressive name: Victoria Kawēkiu Kaʻiulani Lunalilo Kalaninuiahilapalapa Cleghorn. Princess Ka’iulani was born in 1875 and was heir to the Hawaiian throne. Her father was Archibald Scott Cleghorn, a Scottish financier from Edinburgh. Kaʻiulani became known worldwide for her intelligence and determination and in 2009 her life story was even turned into a movie.

Kaiulani in 1897 PPWD 15 3.016 3
Crown Princess of the Hawaiian Islands

Another lady with an exciting background is Helen Duncan, a Scottish medium. She is considered to be the last European witch and was sentenced to court and prison for witchcraft during the tensions of World War II in 1944. The final trigger for this was a seance in which the ghost of a sailor appeared who had previously died on a battleship. At that time, however, this information had not yet been made public. So not only the secret service became aware of this secret.

640px Portrait of Helen Duncan 1
Helen Duncan

Our fourth candidate is the female Warrior of St Kilda, from the Amazon’s House. Only legends, stories, a few written records and the ruins of a large house tell of her existence. It is told of an Amazon queen, a skilful huntress and a giantess of great skill in war and in possession of many magical gifts. In Scotland, the presence of the Amazon woman, whoever she was – ancient goddess, ancestor of creation, mythical power of the place or memory of a truly living warrior – is still powerful.

tumblr inline mtabkv3piP1s5bnl1 1
Pictish Woman Warrior

Now it’s up to you to choose our next Scottish Woman to make it into the game on a Person tile.
You will find the vote which of these women should be immortalized in Glen More II: Chronicles under these links.