Comet (English)

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This is the English version of Comet!

Comet is a competitive engine builder without combat with a unique resource concept. In the distant past, you try to save various animal species from an impending comet impact. Choose wisely, because the rescued animals will support your further rescue maneuvers in various ways.

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Fast and strategic

In Comet, you can expect quick turns and a high level of interaction on the game board. The basic mechanics and rules of the game are learned in 5 minutes, while the complexity unfolds as the game progresses.
With Comet, frequent players get an entertaining game that offers depth. But beginners can handle Comet intuitively as well and enjoy an entertaining game experience.

Interesting movement patterns on the board

Each game presents a new challenge, as you must skillfully adapt to your opponent’s actions in order to win.
Think carefully where you place your saviors because your opponents can jump over your tokens to get to the safe cavern faster! It would be much better if you could take advantage of the other players’ saviors instead, right?


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