Glen More II: Highland Games

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Highland Games, the Expansion for Glen More II not only offers three new Chronicles, each one adding a completely new layer of gameplay and interaction, but also comes with a full Solo mode (Automa).

Our guideline was to strengthen your most favorite parts of the game. We created new ways for you to think and act, so that each new Chronicle makes for a fresh experience. An experience that feels even more amazing!

Meet your toughest challenges so far.

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There is already a lot to explore in the base game of Glen More II – Chronicles, but for the Highland Games Expansion we pushed our limits even further in all regards!

For example, we partnered with Automa Factory to bring you a single player mode of the highest caliber known in board game business. Not only can you play the base game against Auto MacNificent, but you can also add nearly all the chronicles into the mix!

We received great praise for the idea of including chronicles designed by well-known guest designers, so we continued down that road as well: Istanbul, Rune Stones and Luxor might be Rüdiger Dorn’s biggest titles so far, but he has received great praise and awards for many of his other games as well. Jonny Pac Cantin is a well-known game designer from the other side of the pond (Coloma, Merchants Cove, A Fist Full of Meeples, etc.). He also loves to play Glen More II and was happy to share his ideas with us.

Our new chief editor Dr. Hans Joachim Höh (Götterdämmerung, My Gold Mine, Feed the Kraken) developed their ideas into beautiful chronicles, which add significant game play without watering down the Glen More experience you know and love.


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