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In the latest edition of our Funcast, Swantje and our editor-in-chief Hans welcome you to the third editorial update! It’s all about the latest game developments and insights into the daily work of our editorial team.

“Blood on the Clocktower” – Our localisation project
Our first major localisation project, “Blood on the Clocktower”, is already finished and waiting to land on your gaming tables. Translating this game into German was a special challenge, but one that we overcame with great dedication. Now all that remains is to dry and ship the mass production. We’re excited, you’re excited – but we’ll all have to wait a little longer. “Blood on the Clocktower” should be available before SPIEL 2024.

“Obscurians” – Innovation in the Deduction Game
Another highlight is our own deduction game: “Obscurians”! Its unique mechanisms set it apart from conventional games in this genre. Without fixed teams, it offers an exciting and unusual challenge that is sure to inspire you. Maikel and Hendrik have done their utmost to ensure that Obscurians will visually transport you to the far reaches of space, to a distant desert planet and a shady shadow bazaar. Again, we are eagerly awaiting the completion of production and hope that you will be able to try out Obscurians at SPIEL 2024.

“Dark Romance” – A dark two-player challenge
The next big project, Dark Romance, is in the final stages of development. This game offers an extraordinary two-player experience and promises a whole new level of strategy and interaction. We are very excited about the creative ideas that the writers and editors are developing at this stage and look forward to sharing them with you soon.

Release dates and events
When, you ask, will you finally get all these games? “Blood on the Clocktower” is expected to ship at the end of September 2024, while Obscurians should be released in time for the Essen fair. There will also be a chance to see and play these games in advance at the Berlin Con.

Questions from the community
You have a lot of questions – and Hans answers them. For example, what about the availability of review copies and where will people be able to try out the games? Especially at Berlin Con and SPIEL there will be opportunities to try out the latest games and talk to the developers.

Personal outlook
Finally, Hans gives a personal outlook – he is particularly looking forward to Berlin Con, which he describes as “mega-epic”. The idea of the entire hotel being populated by enthusiastic gamers reminds him of his experiences at major strategy gaming tournaments in the US.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the upcoming releases. Feel free to check out our website for more information. Thank you for reading and listening!